Services Offered


Whether it’s Halloween or just to make your pet feel pretty, Colette’s offers a variety of custom coloring options! From semi-permanent to temporary coloring that will wash out in a week or so, let your dog make a fashion statement! We offer full-body all the way down to hip graphics and everything in between! We also provide nail painting in a variety of colors upon request! Contact us today for more information!



Going away on vacation and want to make sure your pet has a good experience while you are gone? Contact Colette for her in-home boarding! Your pet will join Colette’s pack as a member of her family while you are away, ensuring a good experience for both you and your pet!

Colette’s also offers doggie day care on a limited basis. Do you have a special occasion and need somewhere for your pet to go during the day? Contact Colette today!


Colette’s offers obedience training for new puppies all the way up to socializing an older pet. We can offer group or individual classes for all breeds in basic obedience and behavioral correction and can work with you to plan the best course for you and your pet. Our head trainer has more than 15  years of experience, and works with numerous other facilities in the Dayton-area.

In addition to obedience training, we also offer educational services for food & skin allergy diagnosis and care, grooming questions, and anything else relating to the overall care of your pet!

Whether it’s a show clip or a day at the spa for your pet, Colette’s can do it all! We offer walk-in nail trims and schedule grooming by appointment only. We focus on providing a full-service grooming experience, which includes 2 baths with organic product, 2 hair cuts, nail trimming & filing, anal glands (if needed), inner ear canal cleaned (hair removed if needed), and finished with a top coat conditioner and organic cologne. Our goal is to provide a pampered experience for your pets, so we take our time at each step of the process. Our experienced staff is trained in all aspects of grooming, and will treat your pet as if it were their own!

In addition to grooming, we offer flea treatments - bathing and frontline application. In an effort to continue focusing on the organic and natural remedies, Colette’s also offers a variety of Silver Lining Herbs - all natural herbs for both pet and person!

Our salon services are not limited to just dogs! Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, rat or anything else with 4-legs, we can take care of your pet!